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Grappler Baki chapter 94
Still learning Japanese, still going slowly towards the path of becoming a self sufficient translator, but for now, here's an old relic from my ex-translator to show that this group is barely alive. One day when I'm fluent in Japanese, I'll be needing a reliable group that can scanlate baki with me. Maybe you can be a part of this mysterious team.

chapter 94:


Later gator

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You got my help, i do pretty much everything but TLing so when you need me i'll be there ;D thanks for the chapter in the meantime :D

Hey man, I really like Grappler Baki and I appreciate your hard work. I was wondering, what happened to 91 and 92?

I believe it was stated that the chapters coming out are what was done by the translator who isn't doing it anymore...meaning that chapters 91 and 92 probably have no script for them.

Thanks, that totally explains it. I should have read the posts more carefully.

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