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Baki chapter 93
Feeling dead, feeling crappy

here is Grappler Baki chapter 93

more to come someday



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young Baki challenges his first real enemy

Thank u so much, really appreciate, it is a pitty translations of the 3 Baki arent complete. Great job

thanks a lot for continue Baki ! You don't do the chapter 91-92 ?

What happened to Chapter 91 and 92?

Yeah! You're awesome, very thanks! Good luck!
But... chapter 91 and 92? Where? :)

Thanks alot for your work! Don't forget to look at the sun and take three deep breaths, it may make you feel better :)

I hope your diploma of japanese is going well, it still is the most astonishing thing I ever saw on the interweb, the philosophy of the baki series is in you!

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