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School Rumble 205
Hello all,

After seeing my release for chapter 204 HQ of school rumble (start of vol 17) I remembered my translator left behind scripts for all of volume 17 and 18 of school rumble, so when I get away from my projects and study, I'll typeset them for you! For now, here's chapter 205 from volume 17


As for my own translation skills, the estimated countdown until I continue baki will be:

2 and a half years!

Look forward to it


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i think you should just drop this one...
it's finished like years ago, and the quality is good
better spend #effort# on other series

Well :D forever on my pinned tabs so i'll check in daily for updates ;D good luck on them. Also yeah if it's finished then only do it if you really want to :D (i know the feeling...i want to finish up Rappi Rangai...;____; no TLers thoughhhh)

Honestly have to disagree with the first guy there. The original Grappler Baki manga should be translated into English. Ideally, I'd like to see it actually licensed so I can own it, but that's not gonna happen.

The fanbase for Baki might be small, but rest assured that there is a very large debt of gratitude to the people who work on making this available in English (so long as they don't act like Wild Fang Project did in the process).

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