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Not dead yet
Hello all,

Things have been hectic in my life in a big way, but I will be coming back! I've lost my translator, she refuses to come back, and my limited japanese knowledge isn't enough to translate yet....however, I am doing a diploma of japanese on the side of everything else, and I plan to stick with it for 4 years. If all goes well, by second/third year, I will be a pro at Japanese, I already feel so much more competent doing it. And by then, I will be back, here, translating everything myself and asking for a competent cleaner and typesetter to help me smash out projects. There are still translation text documents still left behind for baki chapters and school rumble, I'll scanlate these ones and upload them every now and then, because I don't want to see the translations go to waste, anyhow, look forward to stuff in future!


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Learning japanese just so you can translate manga.
I respect you sir and i wish you the best luck.

Edited at 2013-03-18 07:37 pm (UTC)

;D If you ever want some help, just ask! But keep up the good fight mhmm!Good luck and no need to rush ;D after all, it's just a hobby. If you start forcing yourself too much on these things :/ it will turn into something that isn't fun anymore

Aw man, I hope it hasn't been too hard, shit happens.

Anyway I wish the best of luck and don't worry, life is way more important than manga, but rest assured than when you return, we'll still be here.

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