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Grappler Baki 88-90, volume 10 complete!!
Enjoy all of volume 10 !

ch 88-90: http://www.mediafire.com/?md79wpjvdp7jzc4
vol 10: http://www.mediafire.com/?lpq3852tllaupws


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Thanks for the new volume.

I see the manga goes at a different pace than the anime, we just now get to the second chapter of the anime. Anyway, as always, an awesome work and release, thank you! Keep them coming!

Yuri!!! Why so awesome <3 thanks for the releases ;D can't wait for hanayama to meet baki :P

That trainer Ishimaru from chapter 85 is Vladimir?

I'm having withdrawal symptoms of Baki! I don't want to give any pressure, as I know you guys do this for free and as a hobby, but I jut want to know if (not when) you guys will release more chapters eventually?

If you need support know that a lot of people are awaiting your awesome scanlations!

Most likely it's due to midterms...i know that a lot of the series i'm working on atm are on hold because i got too many projects and midterms during the last, and next few weeks sooo no cleaning/redrawing for me :P which stalls my series kekeke

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