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Grappler Baki 82!
And so we start volume 10, full swing into baki's red-headed past!

ch 82: http://www.mediafire.com/?o93bdmaceq67w3d



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I was confused about that, in the first volumes does he has the hair black or is that just the author decided to draw it that way then later reveal he has red hair too?
Because in the anime it took me a while to figure who is baki (just watched some youtube videos), as he don't look like anything in the manga.

Anyway this is getting interesting, I always love when I know how a story must develop, but don't know how is it going to happen (like Akagi). Good work! I can't wait for the next chapters!

Itagaki intended baki to have blue hair (volumes 1-8), but when he drew the backstory he decided baki should look like his father and so he gave him red hair. Then he was just drawn with red hair in everything after that.

It was never really explained, so I just tell myself that baki went through a phase of dying his hair blue and then got over it XD

I'm glad you're finding the chapters interesting, I think alot of shounens are predictable so indeed it comes down to "how" they execute the seemingly obvious story.

Wow, very thanks ;D
An i ask you again: again again...
Do you can writing titles of next chapters when you will translating? Maybe you can writing this titles when you posting here :D
(i am polish and i'm doing translate mangas (like you). i translate Baki The Grappler on polish so will be cool if you'll reading titles :D)
(sorry for my english, i hope that you understand my posts :D)

Hey man. Can you please re-upload your version of vol.6? Or at least the chapters that you worked on? Thanks.

vol 6: http://www.mediafire.com/?oy1h54ouccpigj5 I worked on the whole thing

thx for reply

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